Useful resources

A number of resources and support people are available to assist you. Some of these are listed below.

What you need to know about starting a business

There is a lot to know if you are thinking about starting your own business. Many activity providers are self-employed and this includes contractors, sole-trader workers and small business owners. A self-employed person can usually start in business without following any formal or legal set-up tasks.

Inland Revenue runs regular free introductory business seminars and workshops in Canterbury throughout the year. You will learn about the following topics at these seminars:

  • working smarter with their online services;
  • business structures (such as company or sole trader);
  • income tax and GST; and
  • what expenses you can claim.​

Visit the Inland Revenue website for specific tax information if you are self-employed.

Find out about other helpful workshops and online business tools (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise).

Tools to evaluate your activity or programme

Evaluation is an important process to help you find out if your participants are becoming more active. You may also need to evaluate your programmes for funding purposes.

The following links may prove useful in evaluating your programme:

What you need to know about using music legally

Music has an amazing impact in a health and fitness environment. Participants can feel more motivated and even work harder when they hear music they enjoy. The right music attracts members, encourages their loyalty and is one of the elements that helps define the style and ambience of your class or activity.

The creators of the music are entitled to be fairly paid for the use of their work, because of the many benefits music offers. You can get this permission quickly and easily with a OneMusic Licence.

Find out how you can use music legally and get the right OneMusic licence [PDF].

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