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COVID-19: Exercise vital for surviving lockdown

Staying at home for extended periods can be challenging - whether you're in self-isolation or social distancing due to COVID-19. Doing regular exercise, keeping active and meditation can help you deal with ‘cabin fever’ and move your mood.

Get ideas and tips to help you keep moving wherever you are during COVID-19.

Get road sharing tips on staying safe while out exercising [PDF].

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Latest research and news

Here are some snippets on the latest physical activity research or news that we found interesting.

Latest academic research studies have found that exercise increases life expectancy regardless of the size of people - proving exercise is critical to longevity.

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A US university study has found that women who keep moving during pregnancy may produce children with stronger motor skills.

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A leading New Zealand exercise expert says an obesity epidemic and a physical inactivity crisis are gripping this country.

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Active Canterbury Newsletter

The Active Canterbury Newsletter is produced bi-monthly and aims to keep local physical activity providers informed. It has a focus on latest physical activity research, upcoming education and training opportunities, key events and tips on how to practically apply research and industry tools.

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