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Local activity providers have a key role in recovery

The Active Canterbury Network has launched the ‘Guess Who’s Missing? You!’ campaign. This promotion is designed to encourage Cantabrians to reconnect with their local activity provider and return to the exercise classes and groups they attended prior to lockdown.

Gyms and facilities were back to 70 percent activity levels within two weeks of re-opening at Level 2 according to a recent Exercise NZ survey. This is an encouraging trend but local activity providers report that 20 to 30 percent of their “regulars” have not yet returned.

"We know many people have come back - which is fantastic, but there is a group who are still quite fearful about leaving home and nervous about navigating our ‘new normal’", says Active Canterbury Network Coordinator Nadine Milmine. “Other people have had a massive change in routine or are unsure if activities have restarted”. It is this group that the campaign wants to reach.

Research shows a strong correlation between physical activity and increased wellbeing, as well as lower rates of depression and anxiety. “Being part of an exercise class or activity group ticks many wellbeing boxes” says Milmine. “Local activity providers are becoming increasingly intentional about weaving the Five Winning Ways to Wellbeing into their activities”.

Gues Who's Missing? You! Support your local activity provider and rediscover the benefits.

The Network has put together the following tips for people finding it difficult to transition back to a class or group:

  • Contact your regular instructor, facility or gym in advance so you know what to expect on arrival. Find out what classes and activities are available, and about any other changes.
  • Arrange to go with a friend. This will help build confidence and ensure you have support.
  • Get there five minutes early so you don’t feel rushed.
  • Start out slowly. Take a break when you need to, breathe, and stay hydrated.
  • Build up your fitness levels gradually. This will help prevent injuries and soreness.
  • Some providers are still offering online classes. Stick with this comfortable option until you feel ready.

Local activity providers are open for business and ready to help with the recovery effort. They would love to see you back soon! New people are always welcome too!

Nau Mai, Haere Mai!

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