About Us

The Active Canterbury Network (ACN) is a coalition of agencies, trusts and organisations that promote physical activity and support people to lead active lives. The network meets regularly to discuss physical activity initiatives, plan joint projects and coordinate activities across the region.

The ACN has a strategic focus on supporting community physical activity providers. This is done through regular training and development opportunities for providers, often at low cost or for free.

Other activities undertaken by the ACN include:

  • providing credible physical activity information for health professionals;
  • supporting events that encourage sustainable physical activity behaviours;
  • producing an informative bi-monthly electronic newsletter;
  • advocating for environments that support active lifestyles; and
  • developing resources to support providers.


Members of the Active Canterbury Network

The following organisations are members of the Active Canterbury Network (ACN):

Active Canterbury Network Partners

The following organisations partner with the Active Canterbury Network on specific projects and initiatives: