Resources for Walking Groups

Walking is now the most popular physical activity in New Zealand. Forty-four percent of respondents from a recent national survey said it was their preferred way to exercise!

It’s not hard to see why! Walking ticks all the boxes - it’s fun, social, relaxing, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Studies show that walking with others can greatly improve the likelihood of sticking with it. This can be either by taking part in a group or having a walking partner. Setting up a walking group is a great way to keep motivated and enjoy the social aspects of walking with others.

Before setting up a group there are a few things to consider. Below are some helpful resources to assist new and existing leaders set-up and safely manage their group.

Create a walking poster with times from a location to local spots like cafés etc - thanks to All Right?

Check out Starting Out Walking if you would like to join or help out with an existing group. You can also contact your local council recreation adviser for more information about groups in your area.