Make it easy for others to find out about you

Research has shown that people who are thinking about being active often don’t know where to go or what to get involved in.

The Activity Search makes it easy for people to connect with local activities in Canterbury.

The Activity Search gets information from the extensive CINCH (Community Information Christchurch) database. If your information is listed then it will be easy for people to find out about your programme, activity or class.

CINCHCINCH is an online community directory of clubs, community organisations and continuing education courses in the greater Christchurch area. It includes over 6,000 listings!

Download or read an information sheet about CINCH and how to use it [PDF, 215Kb].

Download or view a presentation about CINCH and how to use it [Powerpoint Slideshow, 527Kb]

Getting listed and updating details on CINCH is easy

Add your organisation or club to the CINCH database by filling out the online form.

Christchurch City Libraries contacts every organisation annually to check their CINCH details are correct.
You can also update your organisation or club's listing on CINCH any time online.

Alternatively you can submit the CINCH Update Details or New Listing Form for the Christchurch City Libraries to make the changes for you [PDF, 73kb].