Training videos

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of offering more online education and training options.

This page has a selection of key workshop presentations and other topics relevant to activity providers​.  The aim is to make Active Canterbury training information more accessible, plus create a library where activity providers can go any time for practical ideas information.

New videos will be added after each Active Canterbury workshop. Active Canterbury plans to also develop a range of foundational videos on key topics like health and safety, marketing and promotions, and pre-screening. Watch this space!

The Older Person's Knee (Autumn Activity Providers Workshop: 14th May 2022)

Cardiac conditions, events and interventions (Spring Activity Providers Workshop: 27th November 2021)

Key nutrition messages for older adults (Winter Activity Providers Workshop: 26th June 2021)

All Things Balance (Share and Show Session: 8th May 2021)

Download the presentation slides for the All Things Balance session [560KB PDF].

Back Pain and Exercise (Autumn Workshop: 27th February 2021)

Drumming good fun! (Autumn Workshop: 27th February 2021)

Break out the Bands (Summer Workshop: 28th November 2020)

Download the handout for the Break out the Bands presentation [156KB PDF].

Respiratory Conditions and Exercise (Summer Workshop: 28th November 2020)

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (Spring Workshop: 29th August 2020)