Heights of Winter Rogaine

Join this team rogaine in North Canterbury with 6-hour and 12-hour options.

Teams must contain between 2 and 5 members - can be single-sex or mixed. Water may be provided at location on the course. An evening meal will be available after the event.

Date: Saturday 1st July 2023.
Start Time: 9am for the 12-hour event and 11am for the 6-hour event. Briefing will begin 15 minutes before start time.
Location: Culverden, North Canterbury.

  • 6-hour: $60 per adult and $40 per junior (under 23 years); and
  • 12-hour: $80 per adult and $30 per junior.

Find out more about the Heights of Winter Rogaine, including how to enter. Numbers will be limited to 500 people. Entries close at midnight on Tuesday 27th June 2023.