Bridge to Bridge Ultra Marathon

This event follows the same course as the Bridge to Bridge North Mountain Bike Race along the Waimakariri River.

There are four distances available: 5km, 15km, 30km or 60km. Most of the course will be on shingle tracks, and will be downhill all the way.

Date: Saturday 15th June 2024.
Start Time: 8am for the 60km event, 10am for the 30km event, 11am for the 15km event, and 11.45am for the 5km event. 
Start Location: Waimakariri Golf Course for the 60km event, Downs Road for the 30km event, Harrs Road for the 15km event and the Waimakariri River Regional Park under the motorway bridge for the 5km event.

  • 5km event (7 years +): $49 per person;
  • 15km event (16 years +): $79 per person;
  • 30km event (18 years +): $109 per person; and
  • 60km event (18 years +): $209 per person (includes a T-shirt).

A virtual version is available for all event distances for only $35 per person.

A late entry fee will apply to entries received after Sunday 10th June 2024.

Find out more about the Bridge to Bridge Ultra Marathon, including how to enter.