This is NZ’s newest event incorporating a festival of triathlon, duathlon and running race options to suit all athletes. This event takes place in the farmlands of North Canterbury with quiet roads and a country feel.

A range of distances are available:

  • OxMan Triathlon: 1.9km swim + 92km ride + 21km run;
  • OxMan Duathlon: 7.8km run + 92km ride + 21km run;
  • Oxman Aquabike: 1.9km swim + 92km ride (with optional 1.2km run through finish chute);
  • OxMan Multisport: 2.4km run + 46km ride + 14.5km run + 10km kayak;
  • Mini OxMan Triathlon: 750m swim + 46km ride + 7.8km run;
  • Mini OxMan Duathlon: 2.4km run + 46km ride + 7.8km run;
  • Mini Oxman Aquabike: 750m swim + 46km ride (with optional 1.2km run through finish chute);
  • Junior OxMan Triathlon: 200m swim + 11.5km ride + 3km run;
  • Junior OxMan Duathlon: 1.2km run + 11.5km ride + 3km run;
  • OxRun: 21km run; and
  • OxDash: 7.8km run; and
  • OxKids Duathlon for 5 to 9 year olds: short run + bike ride (1 or 2 laps depending on age) + 1.2km run.

Date: Sunday 26th November 2023.
Start Time: 7.30am for The OxMan, 8.20am for the Junior OxMan, 8.45am for the OxMan Multisport, Mini OxMan, OxRun and OxDash, and 9.30am for the OxKids Duathlon.
Start Location: Private farm on South Eyre Road (near Oxford).
Cost: $225 for the OxMan, $99 for the OxMan Multisport, $89 for the Mini OxMan, $49 for the Junior OxMan and OxRun, $39 for the OxDash and $29 for the OxKids Duathlon.

Teams are welcome for the Oxman, Mini Oxman and Junior Oxman events - individual rate plus $10.

Note: A one day licence fee will apply if you are not a member of a Club and Triathlon NZ. You can join Canterbury Triathlon and also receive a discounted entry fee.​

Find out more about The OxMan, including how to enter. Entries close on Tuesday 21st November 2023.