The Big Wins: Looking at the value of sport for young people

Winning in sport is about a lot more than just the scoreboard for young people.

Sport New Zealand’s Voice of Rangatahi survey found that 91 percent of young people understand why taking part in physical activity is good for them.

Sport is a great way for rangatahi to nurture their sense of belonging and develop important social skills at a critical stage of their development.

  • Sport is a great way for young people to make new friends and build their social circle outside of the school, home and other environments.
  • Sport and recreation offers a way for young people to feel connected to their world and creates a sense of belonging.
  • Young people can learn how to manage their emotions, be a good winner or loser), accept decisions that don’t go their way, through participating in sport. The sporting environment is also a great place to learn team work and discipline - important attributes for any well-rounded human.

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