How credible is online physical activity advice?

Web articles are a popular source of health-related information among adults, with the Internet being a preferred source of physical activity information for many.  Researchers in this study wanted to determine the rate that free online educational resources presented at least one message consistent with national physical activity guidelines (PAGs).

Unfortunately, Internet-based educational materials may undermine physical activity efforts by promulgating advice that is inconsistent with the established physical activity guidelines. Of concern is that content contradictory to national physical activity guidelines fosters confusion or misinformation about how to develop or maintain activity routines conducive to health and well-being across the life-span. The efforts of lay readers are unlikely to lead to improved health literacy; at times, their efforts may even result in a reduction of their health literacy due to confusion caused by contradictory or inconsistent physical activity advice presented across sources.

Find out more about this research on the credibility of online physical activity advice (Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine).