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Online courses from Exercise as Medicine NZ

EAM TrainingExercise as Medicine NZ (EAM) has online courses for exercise professionals that are accessible and affordable. The courses are designed for providers wanting to upskill around long-term conditions and exercise.

The current courses offered by EAM include:

  • Breast Cancer;
  • Joints and Bones (Arthritis and Osteporosis);
  • Kidney Disease;
  • Obesity and Diabetes;
  • Older Adults and Exercise - NEW;
  • Parkinson’s Pro;
  • Prostate Cancer;
  • Respiratory (Asthma and COPD); and
  • Stroke.

These courses are part of a broader programme developed by EAM directors Kris Tynan and Tim Webster.

"As exercise professionals we know that regular activity plays a vital role in helping to alleviate symptoms and better manage the long-term health conditions that are so common in our society. We wanted to help arm other exercise professionals with relevant knowledge so they have the confidence to embrace this emerging market " says Kris Tynan.

Level 1 courses take 3 to 5 hours to complete and 5 to 8 hours for Level 2 courses.

Find out more about Exercise as Medicine's online training courses. These courses are supported by Arthritis NZ, Osteoporosis NZ, the NZ Exercise Association, REPs, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Parkinson’s NZ and Physio NZ.