Shoot for the Moon

The Cancer Society North Canterbury team are super excited for you to join this fundraising challenge.

The distance from the Earth to the Moon is 384,000km. So the Shoot For the Moon! challenge is for individuals or teams to shoot 384 goals in a chosen sport during June or July and get sponsored to achieve this challenge.

The challenge can be completed anytime or anywhere during June (or as soon as you are signed up!). 

You can do this by yourself or in a team. Your team could be a group of mates, a school or class, a community or service group, a sports team, work colleagues, youth or church group or the community you live in.

The challenge could be done at home, training sessions, matches, down at your local school, park or court or amongst the residents of your lifestyle village!

How to take part in the Shoot for the Moon challenge

Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Register on the Shoot for the Moon website.
  2. Create your own fundraising page and share it share it with your family, friends and colleagues via social media or email.
  3. Start shooting for 384 goals or your own target.

Find out more about the Shoot for the Moon challenge, including how to register.

The funds you raise will help support people with cancer across the Canterbury-West Coast region in many ways as well as funding cancer research and programmes to help reduce cancer risk.

Shoot for the Moon.