Green Prescription

Green Prescription (GRx) is a programme funded by the Ministry of Health that supports people to lead active healthy lives.

A Green Prescription is a health professional’s written advice to a patient to be physically active, as part of the patient’s health management.

How the Green Prescription Works

Sport Canterbury manages the Green Prescription programme for the Canterbury and West Coast regions. They handle referrals and provide programme support.

Contact Sport Canterbury for more information (03 373 5060 or 0800 ACTIVE - 0800 22 84 83).

Support given to Green Prescription patients

A Green Prescription gives your patient access to personalised physical activity advice and support, including:

  1. Free consultations with a qualified and experienced physical activity coach.
  2. Access to participate in ‘BE ACTIVE’ programmes.
  3. Entry to join ‘Have a Go’ sessions to try an activity at low cost.

Read how 70 year old Annabelle got active and healthier with a Green Prescription.

How to make a referral for the GRx programme

Practice Nurses or General Practitioners can submit a referral using Medtech or ERMS:


  1. Go to the menu bar
  2. The Green Prescription referral form is in the "Allied Health" section.
  3. The programme should pull over the patient information

In MedTech:

  1. Click on outbox tab in patient manager
  2. Open new document (left hand icon)
  3. Enter “GRx’ or ‘Green’- this pulls over the patient information
  4. Send referral by email to at the bottom of the screen or
    Print and fax to Sport Canterbury (03 387 0284)

Other Health Professionals need to complete the Health Professionals Referral Form, and fax to Sport Canterbury (03 387 0284).

Download the Health Professionals Referral Form [92Kb PDF].

Green Prescription in Action

Green Prescriptions have proven to be a highly effective and cost effective way of increasing physical activity over the last 14 years.

View the real life stories of people for whom a Green Prescription has improved their health but also the health of friends, family and in many cases their wider community.

Read about how some Cantabrians have got more active through the GRx programme (Sport Canterbury).

Read "A Prescription for Good Health: Green prescriptions in action" from the Ministry of Health which tells the stories of some of the people who benefited from a Green Prescription.

Find out more about the Green Prescription (Ministry of Health)