Mud Sweat and Tears Challenge

Winter doesn’t have to be dull, dark and boring when you’ve got the Mud, Sweat and Tears Challenge to look forward to! This unique event is about having fun whilst challenging your physical and mental strength over either 5km or 10km.

The course is designed to be challenging and if you have average fitness, determination and a sense of fun, you will have a ball! The course has some natural obstacles as well as some really entertaining and demanding obstacles dreamed up by the organisers. 

You can compete as an individual or get a group of work mates, friends or the family together as a team. This event is open to guys and girls 13 years and older.

Date: Sunday 9th August 2020.
Start Time: 10am. Race briefing at 9.30am.
Location: Christchurch Adventure Park.
Cost: $79 for individuals. $59 for students (5km event only). $316 for a team of 4 - mixed teams must be made up of 2 guys and 2 girls. Bulk corporate discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.

Remember: the mud will wash off, but the memories will last forever.

Find out more about the Mud, Sweat and Tears Challenge including how to enter.