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Forest Run Fest: Moonlight Edition

This is an evening for all levels of walkers and runners to get out there, compete and breathe in the frosty forest air with your family and friends. You will need to bring your own headlamp and high-vis vest for this event.

  • The big one: A 21km half marathon. This is the longest course on the event. Challenge yourself!
  • The middle one: Confident but not too confident? Give the 10km a go, you'll surprise yourself.
  • The little one: Just starting out and want to try a race? Do the 5km and see what it's all about.
  • The tiny one: This 2km course is for tiny legs - kids 10 years and under.

Date: Saturday 29th August 2020.
Start Time: From 6pm.
Start Location: Bottle Lake Forest Park (100 Waitikiri Drive, Parklands).
Cost: $60 per person for the big one, $50 per person for the middle one, $30 per person for the little one and $10 per person for the tiny one.

Find out more about the Forest Run Fest: Moonlight Edition, including how to enter.

When you register you will receive access to a training plan, and all finishers get a medal. The course will be mostly flat, with clean air, lots of trees and plenty of space.

It's advisable to bring a flask or hydration bladder that you can keep topped up during the race. You’ll also be able to fill it before, during and after the race with some high quality water!