Green Prescription

A Green Prescription (GRx) gives you access to personalised physical activity advice and support, including:

  1. Free consultations with a qualified and experienced physical activity coach where you can talk through:
    • Your lifestyle and current level of physical activity
    • any barriers you have to being more active
    • a plan of activity suited to your individual needs, and activities you will enjoy
  2. Access to the Be Active programme which gives participants the opportunity to:
    • try a range of activities
    • discuss topics that support a healthy lifestyle
    • enjoy the support of the other participants and Green Prescription staff
  3. Entry to ‘Have a Go’ sessions where you can try an activity at low cost.

Join the Green Prescription programme

You need a referral to get a Green Prescription, and you do this by one of the following methods:

  • Completing a Green Prescription Self Referral form.
  • Calling the Green Prescription team at Sport Canterbury on 0800 ACTIVE (0800 22 84 83).
  • Asking your doctor or practice nurse on your next visit to your medical practice.
  • Calling your medical practice and requesting a Green Prescription referral.

A member of Sport Canterbury's Green Prescription team will contact you to organise a consultation once your referral is complete.

Read how 70 year old Annabelle got active and healthier with a Green Prescription.

Resources for those on a Green Prescription

Sport Canterbury have a series of home-based activity sheets for those in the Green Prescription programme, including:

Other activity sheets are available from Sport Canterbury such as weights activities, mat exercises, and swiss ball and dynaband activities.